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Grow your stream 10x faster with AI marketing

Stream Marketer makes it easy for you to grow your stream using automated multi-channel marketing. Get promoted on 10,000+ gaming sites, receive raids from rising streamers and much more.

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Increase your viewership and subscribers with a single tool

Solve your biggest streaming problem with the #1 marketing platform that helps your live stream get noticed.

Automate your growth through AI marketing

Grow your stream by autonomously promoting your content on 1000’s of sites and social placements using our all-in-one platform. Simply link your stream, select your highlights, and our AI will do the rest.

Receive new viewers from other streamers

Get your content in front of a live audience through our auto raid scheduling tool. Raids allow you to receive viewers from streamers who want to send their audience to interesting streams after theirs ends.

Benefits of stream raids:

Show up on popular and high traffic websites

Stream Marketer connects with some of the most popular high traffic websites where you can embed your content to gain more awareness. 

Simplify your growth marketing plan

Reduce headaches and simplify your growth strategy by leveraging automation. Our AI powered platform manages all of your growth marketing tasks by autonomously targeting the perfect audience, posting on the right channels, and promoting your live  stream.

Focus your time on what you love to do

Save 100s of hours by utilizing AI to do all of the time consuming and tedious cross-channel promotional work. Our platform works 24/7 so you can focus on streaming and doing what you do best.

Advantages of using AI:

Join 15K+ streamers who are already growing 10x faster

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Choose your flexible plan

Supercharge your marketing and grow your stream faster with the advantage of AI.


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Enterprise Solutions

For large streamers who need custom marketing solutions, contact us today for a comprehensive custom solution.

Got questions ? We've gathered some answers

Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees required to use Stream Marketer. Your subscription purchase covers all the marketing initiatives provided by our platform.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, all of our plans can be cancelled at any time. There are no contracts and you will continue to receive access until the end of your subscription.

Is this terms of service compliant?

Stream Marketer is compliant with all streaming platforms. The marketing activities provided by our platform do not conflict with any terms of service.

Does this work on all platforms?

Our automated marketing platform is compatible with all the major streaming platforms available today. We will continue to update it with new networks as they become available.

What are premium placements?

Premium placements are specially curated popular websites and channels that have high traffic and users that are likely to engage with streaming content.